Baltimore County Law on Snow Shoveling Sidewalks

Towson sidewalk shoveled

Baltimore County Law on snow shoveling sidewalks is not well-known — but it is important!

Baltimore County law states that sidewalks MUST be shoveled within 24 hours after a snow storm. This is laid out in the¬†Baltimore County Code of Ordinances, “Roads, Bridges and Sidewalks, 18-3-107 Removal of Snow and Ice.”

Baltimore County relies on reports from the public when sidewalks have not been cleared. A letter is sent out by the Department of Public Works after a complaint has been received.

If a citation is made, it comes with a $25 fine.

Another item of importance to note — you are not allowed to throw snow in paved portions of the street, or block drains or gutters in the street.

Make sure, if you have sidewalks, to have them cleared within 24 hours of the end of the snowstorm!

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