This Month in Real Estate October 2012 has been released.

First, home sales activity rose to a pace of 4.8 million, up again from 4.5 million in September. The median home price remained the same at $187,000, as we saw in This Month in Real Estate September 2012, It is an over 9 1/2% increase last year at the same time! Freddie Mac reported that the average interest dropped to 3.49%, the lowest it has ever been!

In the Top Story, Kary Sutter talks about the importance of price to buyers.

Research has shown that price even outweighs location sometimes when it comes to choosing where to buy!

Well maintained homes can expect lower expenses generally when getting a home ready to sell, and may generate a more competitive sales price as well as a faster sale than other comparable homes.

Please contact me if you are thinking about selling a home in Baltimore. I would be thrilled to be able to help!