I-83 Bridge over Padonia Road will be under construction beginning in the summer of 2018.

Those traveling on I-83 will not have an interruption of traffic flow for the most part, but those traveling on Padonia Road will see changes and at times at least partial closures.

The Padonia bridge project is estimated to take two years. MDOT will widen Padonia Road under the bridge as well as the ramp from I-83 Southbound to try to lessen traffic issues (especially at rush hour.)

The biggest issue over the two year span of construction will be the closure of the left-turn ramp from Eastbound Padonia Road to 83 North. There will be a detour down Deereco Road to the I-83N entrance just north of Timonium Road (yes, drivers will be directed to go South to go North.) See the map above or below for what to expect.

Thank you to Jim Brochin for sharing these details.

I figure there may be lane closures at times on Padonia as they widen the road under the bridge.

Be aware during the construction, and potentially find other routes and follow detours as posted. The bridge reconstruction is necessary, as a report found the bridge to be failing.

Good luck, Timonium drivers!