There are three appeal possibilities for Baltimore County homeowners when it comes to your property taxes.

  • The first is the Assessment Appeal. This appeal is done the year it is assessed. As soon as you get your assessment, if you disagree with the assessed value, you can file this type of appeal.
  • The second is the Petition for Review. You can appeal in the two years between formal assessments for the next year – but the change won’t happen until the following year.
  • The third is the New Owner Appeal. If you buy a house between January 1 and June 30 and the sale is recorded before July 1 of that year, you can appeal the assessment for an immediate change that year. If you buy after July 1 or your deed is not recorded with Baltimore County before that date, then any changes to your assessment would not take effect until the following year.

To appeal your Baltimore County tax assessment, you will need to fill out one of the forms on the State Department of Taxation and Assessments site.

Please note that most appeals take effect the following year after an assessment appeal has been won. Another thing to note is that even if you win your appeal, and you are reassessed, it does not mean you will receive a refund or reduction in property taxes if the Homestead tax credit is received.

Learn more about how your Baltimore County tax assessment is determined, and decide if an appeal may be right for you.