This April Fools Day has been a good one for the web.

Though we haven’t seen anything like the tremendous ones from last year like Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University removing the “s” from their name, or Google changing their name to “Topeka”, there are some spectacular ones to share.

Google had a few fantastic ones, including a job opportunity for “autocompleters” with one of the job requirements of being able to type 32,000 words per minute, and Gmail Motion, complete with a printable set of instructions on how to move your body to “type” and a funny video of a guy “typing” an email with his body.

ThinkGeek was very clever too. They teamed with Apple and Playmobil to create the Playmobil Apple Playset, recreating an apple store. The best part is that you can buy the “line pack” to create a new product launch line, just like the real thing. TOO FUNNY! They even created a mock video describing the passion behind the project and product.

Did you see anything that made you laugh today?