Towson residents can gear up for easier & better recycling for all of Baltimore County.

Beginning February 1, 2010, instead of splitting up paper & plastics based on the week, it will all be done at one time. We will be able to put things in a small carboard box or a 34 gallon or smaller container that says “Recycling” on it, and the County will remove it. This includes glass, plastic and paper — all of them EACH WEEK!

No longer will you put bottles & cans in plastic bags, they can go right in these bins.

Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith will hold a news conference later today to announce the program officially, and show how easy it will be to do.

Mary Gail Hare of the Baltimore Sun interviewed Charles Reighart, recyling and waste prevention manager for Baltimore County. See Mary’s article here.

This is great news for Towson and Baltimore County residents, many of whom may not be recycling due to the confusion & time consumption it currently takes. Beginning February 1, we can just put them all in the container together, and put it out for the recycling truck to take!

How great for the environment, and another great reason to live in Baltimore County!


Update December 11, 2009: Julie Roby, Public Information Specialist from the Baltimore County Department of Public Works contacted me to let me know that beginning Monday, December 14, there will be more information on the new program at this website:

Thank you, Julie, for your additional information!