Baltimore County yard trash pickup resumes in April, a welcome beginning since it ended in December.

The Baltimore County Yard Material pickup has specific items they DO pick up, and what they don’t.

They DO accept, per their website:

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Vines
  • Twigs
  • Shrubbery Trimmings
  • Branches & Limbs less than 3 inches in diameter and shorter than 3 feet in length

♦ Grass and leaves should be in paper or plastic lawn or leaf bags. The County prefers paper!

♦ Vines, twigs and shrubbery trimmings should be bagged or bundled, and the weight should not exceed 30 pounds per bag.

♦ Items should be placed on your yard, as it is a violation of Baltimore County Code to have it in the street. Also, do not put them in trash cans, or they will not be taken!

Baltimore County DOES NOT accept: Poison ivy, sumac, or oak, lumber, food scraps, or yard items that are not listed above.

Thank you to Baltimore County for providing us this service. Our date for pickup here in Towson begins April 13, 2011. I’ll have a bag or two out there!