Baltimore was named one of give secretly cool cities where you can still get in on the ground floor by Huffington Post.

Of the five named, Baltimore was #2!


Well, Baltimore has something for everyone, as the Huffington Post points out — from the artist to the business professional.

The Huffington Post shares that it is so much less expensive to live in Baltimore than Washington, DC, a point that I brought up in a post called, “Work in DC, Live in Baltimore.” Baltimore is about an hour from Washington, DC via train or car.

There are also many work opportunities in Baltimore and the surrounding area, so make sure to look into local job options!

If the City itself isn’t right for you, there are many surrounding counties that may be. Baltimore County surrounds the city, for the most part. One area where I focus, Towson real estate, is actually “inside the Beltway” and can make for a convenient commute to many locations in and around Baltimore.

For more information about living in Baltimore, please contact me. I would love to be of assistance!