Baltimore Newlyweds have it good, according to a survey run by

The survey ask participants about how cohabiting helped or changed them, and how their city has treated them.

In the survey, over 75% responded that their quality of life improved since they moved in together. (I hope so! I am surprised it is not higher!) 62% said their financial situation improved.

As for the top 10 cities for newlyweds, here were the criteria per the blog:

…looking at cost of living, mean annual income, the unemployment rate, and rental inventory to identify 10 great cities for Newlyweds. In fact, the first five cities on the list are all performing better than the national average for unemployment rate, annual mean income and cost of living! These top picks are all wonderful places to create a fun and affordable lifestyle:

Baltimore came in at #10, with this description:

Baltimore, MD – A modern cultural center known for its hospitality, Baltimore offers a vibrant waterfront scene coupled with a laid-back attitude. This city is perfect for couples looking for the comfort of a smaller hometown with the benefits of urban living.

Now, that site focuses on rentals, but as recent studies have shown, in Baltimore, rentals are currently at about 92% capacity, and rent rates are high. Many articles have discussed how buying is actually more cost effective for many people right now, especially in areas like Baltimore.

With interest rates still at very low rates, and prices still low in many Baltimore neighborhoods, now may be the time to buy!

For more information about buying a home in Baltimore, please contact me. I would be happy to help!