The Baltimore Ravens beat the Patriots 33-14 in an incredible win, making Baltimore PROUD!

From the first seconds when Ray Rice ran 83 yards to score a touchdown on the first drive to the amazing defensive plays forcing turnovers, the Ravens were there to WIN.

It feels like 2001 all over again, and that is GREAT.

The underdogs that no one expected to win, a wildcard into the playoffs, the misfit team that you wonder what they can do.

And that’s just how the Baltimore Ravens like it.

Going into Indianapolis to play the Colts as the clear underdogs, against a nearly perfect 2009 team, a team we have not beaten since 2002, the odds are stacked against us. And that is where the excitement comes alive for our players and our city.

Expect Baltimore to be purpled-up as we get together behind our Ravens and support their playoff run.

Times like these are the ones that show just how exciting, fun, and wonderful it is to live in Baltimore!