Congratulations to our hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens! DSC_2918-2

It has been a rough season — many more losses than expected, losses that should not have happened — so many penalties, mistakes, missed plays.

But we made it.

Now we have to get our heads in the game, just like we did in 2001 when we won the Superbowl.

No one expected it then.

No one expects it now.

Our players have not seemed themselves this season, and I have been trying to figure out why. The big question is, can they get back to their greatness for the playoffs?

How do they return to greatness? Practice is always important, but mindset is huge. How can they return to the mindset of “WE WILL WIN!”?

This week will be a purple week all around Baltimore. Let’s help our boys get their heads in the winning mode — and take New England by storm!