The Charles Street Roundabout is finally slated to be removed this weekend, with the traffic lights installed in December 2010 to be made active.

Charles St Roundabout Traffic Lights Installed 12/10

When the new traffic lights at Charles St were installed, I was hoping the roundabout would be no longer needed. Closing/removing it took longer than expected, but I am happy to have a traffic light directing traffic rather than a confusing roundabout.

The other new light activated will be the one on Bellona at the exit from 695 coming from the east. There has only been a stop sign there, which can back traffic up tremendously, sometimes even back on to the Beltway.

The onramp to 83N that has been used for quite some time for many drivers off Bellona is due to be closed as well, used only for local travel. This used to present a big problem, except hopefully the new traffic light will alleviate some of those issues.

This weekend, it is probably best to avoid the Charles St interchange if possible. Use the York Rd exit instead! Thank you to the Towson Patch for the update, since it is not on the SHA Project page as closures & changes usually are.

The Charles St bridge construction is due to be completed this summer.