Cockeysville and Hunt Valley home sales in 2009 statistically were very stable. 21030MedianPriceDec08thruDec09

There were consistently over 100 houses on the market for sale in Hunt Valley. December 2009 was a slow month with only 4 houses going under contract, but other months on average 10-16 did. That same average applies for properties that settled.

From December ’08 to December ’09, there was a 16.1% increase in sales price for homes under contract & 8% in properties that settled.

The median list price remained the same, around $359,000. The median price of those under contract is much lower, though, at about $317,000. The ones that settled averaged around $320,000. This shows that the higher priced ones are staying on the market longer, with about a $40,000 difference from average list to average sold price. It appears once reduced to a certain level, the houses do go under contract and settle.

Not even just price went up, but number of units as well. Things have definitely improved in 21030 home sales in the last 12 months. With the First Time Homebuyer tax credit extension, I foresee more homes going under contract through April 30, 2010 in Cockeysville, since the price range is very popular for those who are eligible and taking advantage of this credit.

Home sellers in Hunt Valley and Cockeysville need to take advantage of this credit, and sell to those who are out there now, and won’t be after April 30.