First, Happy Purple Monday! The Ravens are taking on the Houston Texans tonight, so my video this morning has me in my Joe Flacco jersey!

Second, this morning’s snow, as well as Friday’s snow and last week’s frigid temperatures had been thinking about how to make my Towson home ready for this winter. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of last year’s multiple Baltimore Snowpocalypse storms, but even the cold and normal amounts of snow need preparation.

I thought I would share some ideas!

My tips:

1) Shut off & drain outdoor hose bibs. If you can’t find your cut off valve, get a hose bib cover at a hardware store.

2) Have chimneys/fireplaces inspected and cleaned by a licensed chimney sweep.

3) Install carbon monoxide detectors — the Pikesville family this weekend was a sad reminder as to the importance of these detecting devices.

4) Caulk or install weather stripping around windows & doors to keep warm air in & cold air out.

5) Get your shovels now!