Well, of course, the snow is hurting the entire areas, but many homeowners are already having major issues with their homes due to this heavy snow and ice damming, and it appears a major amount of heavy snow may visit us tonight through tomorrow, freezing those gutters back up and re-creating problems.

The other issue that it appears we will have is high winds, which could possibly knock out power — so sump pumps and other drainage systems in homes may not work properly.

Baltimore homeowners, if they can, need to try to knock down as much ice from their gutters as they can, to free it up for when this round begins to melt.

As I mentioned in my post last week about the possibility of more storms, this is truly hurting the Baltimore real estate market.

Buyers are having trouble envisioning yards, homes as they truly are, and neighborhoods as they really are.

The mounds of snow in front of homes on cul de sacs make it difficult to even see the home from the street. My listing at 3136 Eden Drive in Abingdon, MD, has a great location — but right now it doesn’t appear that way! The snow is mounded so high in front of the house that you can’t see how nice it looks. Its location on the cul de sac is wonderful for extra yard space, more parking directly across the way, and a sense of privacy — but you can’t tell because of the snow pile up! Their yard has beautiful landscaping and shows such a pride of ownership — but you can’t tell because of the deep snow covering the gardens and plantings.

These things that would usually create such nice curb appeal and make it feel like home to a buyer are hidden behind the wall of snow. And another 8-12″ will only hinder things further.

We hope that buyers can imagine, but as my sellers have found while searching for their next home, it is very hard to do!

Here’s hoping that March will bring a little warmer weather and a LOT less snow. Our sellers and buyers need it!