Defenders’ Day / Star Spangled Banner Weekend 2022 at Fort McHenry is September 9-11.

The event starts on Friday, September 9, with a parade through Locust Point at 7pm.

On Saturday and Sunday, Fort McHenry will seem like a true open fort, with drills, cooking demonstrations, dress parade, cannon firing, and raising of the large Flag.

Saturday night is the Main Event, with performances by The United States Army Band, United States Army Drill Team, and the Fort McHenry Guard, and the highlight — a “bombardment” with pyrotechnic “bombs” fired over Fort McHenry, and cannons of the Presidential Salute Battery reply from shore, followed by a fireworks display!

Here is more information from the National Parks website.

This is the same weekend as Maryland Fleet Week 2022 so there is a lot to celebrate in Downtown Baltimore!