You’re a Towson homebuyer, and you’re very excited about the house you saw yesterday.

You post on facebook about how you think you may have found the house of your dreams.

20 people comment, congratulating you.

Two happen to be friends with the seller’s listing agent.

That person (the seller’s listing agent) sees their comments.

You, Mr. Towson Homebuyer have just lost your negotiating power with the seller, because the seller now knows just how badly you want the house.

What many people don’t understand about Facebook and other social networking sites, is that what you may think is private can end up not being so. Whatever you put out there, even if just for your “friends”‘ or “family” can end up in someone’s hands that you didn’t intend. Many times it won’t affect you, but in situations such as buying or selling a house, it truly can.

So when you see that house of your dreams, try to keep it in or call your friends until you’ve settled, and the house is yours. It will be even more exciting then — and it will be YOURS!

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