With the many changes in the mortgage industry, it is hard to keep up with what deadlines are coming up next.

On December 7, 2010, the FHA condo recertification process must be completed by each individual condominium complex in order to be eligible for homebuyers to receive FHA financing in their building.

There is an application and process that must be completed in full for the building’s recertification to have the opportunity to be approved. Thank you to Dan Plunkett, of Prosperity Mortgage, a part of the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage company for sharing the two forms they must use to submit for approval.

One is the FHA New Condo Approval Process for condos that have never been approved for FHA financing in the past. These would usually be newly built units.

The other is the FHA Recertification Project Submission Form for developments that were approved before and need to go through the certification process again, which would be most condominiums.

The good news for most Timonium condo owners, most of the ones in the area have already been recertified. I wrote about the updated Timonium condo approvals in August, and even more have been added to the HUD site since.

During these confusing times, it is best to have an agent and a mortgage specialist who understand the muddy waters. Contact me if you are considering selling or buying a Timonium condo. My team of professionals can help!

*Since writing this, HUD & FHA have extended the FHA condo recertification deadlines. Here is more information about the FHA condo recertification deadline extensions.*