Fifteen Reasons Why Maryland Rocks comes from a post that has floated around facebook recently, titled, “15 Reasons Why Maryland is Amazing.”

The author grew up in Maryland, and has continued to live here into adulthood.

She is a photographer, so her photos are both inviting and lovely. Her love for Baltimore really shines through.

March 25, 2014 was Maryland Day, as 380 years ago the first European settlers came to what is now Maryland.

Here are BSinBMORE’s 15 Reasons — with my take on them.

1. We have four seasons. (Though right now, it feels like we won’t have Spring — will we head right into summer temperatures from the cold?)

2. Crabs. (YUM!)

3. Maryland has everything from beaches to Downtown Baltimore urban spaces, farms to mountains.

4. The National Aquarium in Baltimore.

5. Old Bay seasoning. Again, YUM!

6. The shape of our State. It is interesting, that is for sure. The shape allows for both the beaches and the mountains!

7. The Maryland Flag. It’s colorful, lots of patterns…and awesome.

8. The historic towns. We have Downtown Baltimore, Annapolis, Historic Ellicott City, and others.

9. Maryland is the location of the Mason-Dixon line, which means we are both North and South. 🙂

10. We have some awesome breweries. Brewer’s Art, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, and more. Maryland’s beers are getting good press — and we get it fresh!

11. Maryland is a very great location. Why? Day trips to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, and other locations are absolutely possible and easily done.

12. Berger Cookies. (YUM YET AGAIN!)

13. County Pride. Yes, people are very proud of their counties. Baltimore County is very popular. (See, I’m proud of my county. 🙂 )

14. Affordable Housing. This is true to an extent. It is definitely true over other areas close by, like Washington, DC.

15. The Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles. Purple and Black and Orange and Black. We are BIRDLAND!

All in all, Baltimore is a wonderful place to live. If you want to buy a house in Baltimore, I’d love to help! Contact me today!