Five Rules for Staging your home for sale comes from an article about staging on a budget.

There are many small things you can do to stage your home for sale, and they don’t have to cost much — and there are five big rules to follow.

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1) Depersonalize. This is imperative. When you have decided to sell your home, you have decided it is no longer going to be your home. Since you want it to be someone else’s home, you need to remove your personal touches — so they can see them, and their family, living in the home — instead of yours. Remove personal pictures and effects!

Moshell-Homestaging2) Declutter. You don’t need all of those clothes in the closet. Or all of those sports items in the hall closet. Every coat? Not needed. A good idea is to rent a storage unit short term, or a POD. Maximize your space, so others can visualize their things in it!

3) Clean. Clean, and clean some more. I talked about the closets and cleaning in my post about five inexpensive ways to help sell your home faster. Same goes here. Ceiling fans, window tracks, walls, baseboards — the places you might not normally think of or hit when you are cleaning — they all should sparkle!

4) Update/Modernize. You don’t have to completely gut a remodel your home. You will need to price accordingly, if other homes in your area are more updated and modernized. But did you know that small things like updating door handles, light fixtures, and drawer pulls can make a big difference in how your home shows to a buyer? Right now, gold isn’t popular (though it will probably make a come back.) Try updating those items. You may see a big improvement, and it shouldn’t cost too much!

5) Make Your Home More Neutral. Yes, it is true, many buyers like to see neutral colors. Why? It goes back to #1 — depersonalize. If you have deep colors in your home, or a lot of wallpaper, that is your taste — and may counteract completely with the buyer’s taste — making them not like your home as much as they would if the home were neutral, and they could see their furniture and decorations in the home.

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