So it has been more than a week since flag football, but I did want to follow up.

Team Gilbert didn’t fare so well against Team Amelia. We started out well (Well, Team Gilbert wanted us to be called Beat Amelia, but as that didn’t happen, we needed the name change) but then some CHEATERS took us down! UGH!

Amazingly we were all extremely competitive — and ready to take each other DOWN when necessary! There was some decent ball playing going on that day at Training Camp — and I’m not talking about the Ravens! We even lost one of our players to a torn achillies — Q HOPE YOUR SURGERY WENT WELL!

So, with the Ravens, well, we haven’t been looking so hot in the preseason. Hoping that poor preseason makes for good regular season! Preseason is there to help is work out the kinks, which is what I am hoping we are doing. We’ll see how we look tomorrow…