Free Fall Baltimore returns for its’ fifteenth year October 1-31, 2020.

Due to COVID-19, Free Fall Baltimore will occur as a combination of virtual and small in-person events.

Free Fall Baltimore is a month-long event in October each year where many museums have free admission, free events, and free shows to bring people to Downtown Baltimore, with hopes that participants will come back and enjoy Arts in Baltimore after the free month is over.

Free Fall Baltimore is put on by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA), which is Baltimore’s non-profit special events and arts agency.

With the events, shows, and admission at no cost, some events require tickets or reservations in advance due to space limitations. Visit the Free Fall Baltimore website to view events both virtual and in-person, and reserve your tickets for in-person events, or sign up for virtual ones.

Free Fall Baltimore is open to children as well, and there is even a special section on free activities designed specifically for the younger crowd. There is a Free Fall for Kids section under the “events” tab on the Free Fall Baltimore website with events created just for them!

Enjoy so much of the Baltimore Arts for free during the month of October!