We have all heard about the banks being bailed out, the car makers possibly being bailed out, and those in financial crisis being bailed out. But have you ever wondered where to get bail bonds in CT or what about those people who have been financially responsible? Why are those left out of the mix? How is that fair?

David M. Michonski, Chairman and CEO of Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy in New York City discusses this in RIS Media’s December 3, 2008 article, Solving Housing and Fairness in 48 Hours .

He has some very valid points and positive ways to solve the fairness issue. The problem is that others have to adjust their way of thinking as well, and that includes the banks who may be in trouble.

Read this excerpt:

“I suggest we change our thinking to focus on those who want to and can be stimulated, i.e. those many people sitting with cash on the sidelines and who are just afraid to act at this point in time. The economy may be sick, but there are still plenty of healthy people around. We need something to stimulate them to part with some of the cash they are sitting on.

How? Simple: give the healthy sector of the economy a bargain they cannot resist. Americans like a bargain and will act upon them.

What is a bargain? Give creditworthy buyers a 4% 30-year fixed assumable mortgage with no prepayment penalty. Creditworthy is someone with 20% down or 20% equity in their home, who has good credit and a verifiable job. Make it a new loan or a refinancing of an existing loan. Simple enough.”

GOOD THINKING! And can you imagine what that would do for the falling housing market?

There are many GOOD QUALIFIED buyers out there who have learned from the past to just wait. But what if we could convince them not to? How great would that be for our economy?????!!!!!! Plus, putting your money in real estate is, in general, safer and more profitable over time than the stock market. So why NOT?

Please, Banks, tell us why this has not happened yet. And hurry up and jump onboard.