Yesterday morning, my son & I got up excited to head to the Shops at Kenilworth to visit the Holiday Train Garden, as we do each year.

This time was made fun for us both by having some new friends meet up with us, plus my niece and sister-in-law. We hadn’t planned on the Winter Wonderland that Mother Nature provided for us, but it did add to the holiday spirit!

There were two things I learned this year, going without my husband to the Train Garden. 1) In the snow, try to park under the garage on the eastern side of the mall near Stebbins Anderson. I didn’t have to brush my car off when leaving. 2) Go right when it opens at 10 am. The kids were able to go around and push all of the buttons that make parts of the scene move without having to wait or get pushed out of the way.

Around 11:00 the crowd got thicker and it was hard for the little ones to see, so we went to the Learning Store and the children played for a long time. We then got lunch at the always popular Italian Gardens, and as we were leaving, around the trains had lines five people deep.

This year had a large display, and we really enjoyed visiting. We will be back soon, I am sure — since we live in Towson close to the mall!