Home design trends come and go, and each year there are trends that tend to be more popular than others.

Thank you to Real Simple for their compilation. Here are a some of those trends I am seeing in the Baltimore real estate market:

  1. Green Paint. Designers have seen green more and more in design choices, and see 2024 as the year it becomes very popular.
  2. Add Earth Tones. Though we may see more green tones, adding Earth tones to green is expected to be popular in 2024.
  3. Dark Colors too. There appears to be a shift away from the bright whites we have seen in the past few years.
  4. Maximalism. A stark contrast from the Minimalism trend we have seen in recent years, Maximalism mixes colors (see 1-3,) tones, and textures, viewing all spaces throughout the house as places for artistic expression.
  5. Vintage Furniture and Decor. This goes along with maximalism and multiple colors – mix and match vintage furniture and decor to your own style and taste.
  6. Detailed Hardware. Drawer pulls, cabinet knobs or handles, door handles – look for an aesthetic that is pleasing to you – and change up your hardware!

Are there trends you are looking for in a new Baltimore home in 2024? Are you considering buying a Towson home in 2024? Please contact me! I would love to be of assistance!