There are many home remodeling projects that can beautify and add value to your home.

Unfortunately, there are some trends and mistakes that can happen, and CNNMoney had a great article on how to avoid those errors.

Traditional Colors Are Popular with Buyers

First, don’t follow the popular trends, if your plan is to resell the home before the next time it comes back around. Trends come and go — often quickly — and decorating or remodeling according to trends can be costly when it comes to resale. Buyers are savvy and want the house up-to-date. To CURRENT date.

Second, if you are moving walls or building an addition, have it designed by a professional before starting the work! If it isn’t designed well, it may diminish the value when re-sold.

Third, don’t overdo the kitchen. Yes, kitchens are very important. They are a focal point of many homes. That being said, overdoing it won’t get you back what you put in financially.

Fourth, don’t count on energy efficient things such as windows and appliances saving you a bundle in the long run, or making your home worth much more in value. According to the article, windows only account for about 15% of heat loss in a house. That means that new windows won’t reduce your energy consumption by more than that amount!

Basically, if you are able to do remodeling and want to do it, then definitely do it. The things to keep in mind is where to spend or not spend — and try not to overdo it, because you won’t benefit financially from most of these things. They may help aesthetics and you can do them for YOU to enjoy, just don’t count on them to get the amount you spend back when you go to sell!

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