Why Isn’t My House Selling?

Let’s say your house is on the market, and showings have dropped off. Do you know that could happen at any time of the year? It says you may need to change something.

If you are still getting views online, but not getting reciprocal showings, that usually says buyers have interest, but they are rejecting your price online, and don’t find it worthwhile to come visit.

Getting showings but no offers? Those buyers were willing to come in and view, but in person then, reject your price.

There are certain things that a seller can control. Price and condition are two of them.

Staging your home for sale can often help with how people view the condition of your home. Getting furniture and decorations may cost some money, but often times a stager has those for rent. If you are getting comments that your home seems dated, or too cluttered, it may be time to bring in a stager.

Price is of utmost importance. If your home is priced right, you will get showings and you will get offers. Yes, it may take longer in certain locations for this to happen, but, in the long run, price will determine IF a buyer will buy, and WHEN a buyer would consider moving forward.

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Image courtesy of vectorolie / FreeDigitalPhotos.net