Hunt Valley home sales in 2014 were down from 2013.

The total volume of Hunt Valley homes sold in 2014 was $84,892,576, down 6.36% from the $90,661,650 we saw in 2013.

The average sales price was down very slightly, 1.63% to $428,750 from $435,873 .

One hundred ninety-eight Hunt Valley homes sold in 2014, down from the 208 that sold in 2013.

In 2014, it took an average of 79 days for a Hunt Valley home to go under contract, which is a good number to have down from the average of 84 days it took for a Cockeysville home to sell in 2013.

A more detailed 21030 Home Sales 2014 report can be found here.

The above report is a very general overview of Cockeysville and Hunt Valley home sales for the year in 2014.

The 21030 zip code is has a large variety of Hunt Valley & Cockeysville homes and neighborhoods. Hunt Valley and Cockeysville is made up of small condos, medium and large sized townhouses, as well as small and very large luxury single family homes.

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