Hunt Valley home sales in July 2013 were down from July 2012.

Cockeysville homes sold in July totaled $9,395,900, which is down 13.4% from the $10,849,160 that sold in July of last year. Though this is still down, it is higher than the $6,205,925  that we saw in Hunt Valley Home Sales June 2013.

Average sold price was also down, -17.52% to $447,424, which is higher, though, than June’s average of $365,054.

Twenty-one Hunt Valley homes sold in July, down one from last July. It took an average of 84 days for a 21030 home to go under contract. Five Hunt Valley homes sold in less than ten days, while another eight than a month.

Twenty homes in Hunt Valley went under contract in July, while 26 houses came on the market.  There were a total of 83 homes  in Hunt Valley for sale by the end of July.

Here is a link to the detailed 21030 Home Sales July 2013 report.

This is a very basic overview of  Cockeysville and Hunt Valley home sales for July 2013.

The 21030 zip code is made up of both Hunt Valley & Cockeysville areas, and consists of a large variety in styles of homes, ranging from small condos to very large detached homes.

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