Hunt Valley home sales were up in March 2012, a positive sign for the 21030 real estate market.

$3,689,194 in homes settled last month, up 49.43% from the same period last year, where $2,468,900 sold. Twelve homes changed hands, versus seven last year.

Average sales price was down about 13% to $307,433. These numbers are significantly lower than last month, but that is probably due to the type and location of homes that sold. Cockeysville & Hunt Valley are a wide mixture of homes from small condos to large townhouses, small cape cods and ranchers as well as very substantial single family homes.

Of the 12 homes that sold, nine were single family, and three were condos or townhouses. The average days on market was down to 162, despite the fact that two of the homes sold had been on the market for over a year. This tells me that without those two, the days on market, on average, was truly significantly lower for the Hunt Valley area. Two sold in one week, while 6 sold in less than a month.

Thirty-five homes came on the market in March, while 28 went under contract. There were 80 homes for sale in 21030 last month.

Here is a link to the Hunt Valley home sales March 2012 detailed report.

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