Maryland Housing Average Annual Price Appreciation 1975-2013 per year is small but healthy, compared to some other states.

Now, of course, the report is for the entire state, and as I have mentioned a number of times, real estate is very local — and even looking at homes sales for Baltimore County alone still doesn’t paint a true picture of our real estate market.

What is VERY interesting is to see the difference in the past few years.

Here is where Maryland stands:

1975-2013, 5.32% increase. Across the entire US, this is green/up.

In the last 10 years, Maryland’s annual price appreciation is 27.44%. That’s high!

MOST interesting to me, though is the last FIVE years — where Maryland’s annual price appreciation is DOWN 13.42%. That means that in the last five years, Maryland homes have lost, on average, 13.42% in value. Again, though, this is just state-wide. Some areas may have increased during this time. This hits after the boom we saw in 2005-6, so it is not too surprising to see a drop.

The good news is that in the last YEAR, prices have started to rise an average of 1.82%.

Thank you to Brian Larrabee of Mortgage Masters for this interactive and neat chart.

According to Brian’s post,

“The figures evidence the average annual rate of increase in the HPI (Housing Price Index) per division and the average first year rate of return on a 20% down payment. The actual rate of return on the purchase of real estate will vary with many factors. This ROR calculation is simplified and designed to show the benefit that can often exist by the use of leverage (financing) a purchase vs. paying cash. Taxes, insurance, maintenance and interest expense must all be considered as well, yet currently, these expenses are often less than the cost of renting a similar home and accordingly, can often cancel one another out.”

This is a truly impressive chart, and I am so glad I stumbled on Brian’s page. Thank you so much, Brian, for this, and for allowing to share/post/take pdfs and screen shots of it!

This chart is for the entire US, so you can see the difference (and just how local real estate really is!)

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