This Month in Real Estate April 2014 is out!

Home sales activity remained at a pace of 4.6 million, same as last month, as seen in This Month in Real Estate March 2014.

The median home price also remained at $189,000.

The average interest rate dropped very slightly to 4.32% from 4.33% last month.

The Top Story is about Finding a Home in a Seller’s Market.

Jay Papasan talked about how 89% of homebuyers start their home search online.

An important thing to note for homebuyers is that as the market is improving, what may be online today may not be tomorrow. In addition, the information posted on many websites may not be up-to-date or correct, since it can sometimes take 24-48 hours for what is entered into the MLS to show on websites.

Another thing I’d like to note is that there are some websites where some listings will never appear. It could be due to the verbiage in the listing agreement, or that there is not an agreement with that website to syndicate listings.

What does this mean to a Towson homebuyer? (Or any home buyer?)

Have someone representing your interests. Hire a real estate agent to help. Local real estate agents have more access than the general public, and can usually get more clear answers to your questions.

For more information about buying a house in Towson, please contact me.