This Month in Real Estate November 2014 has been released!

Home sales activity rose to a pace of 5.17 million, up from the 5.05 million we saw last month in This Month in Real Estate October 2014.

The median home price dropped again, this time to $210,000 from $219,000 in October, which had been down from the $223,000 we saw the previous month.

A good number to see drop is the average interest rate, which dropped to 3.97% from 4.23% last month.

Please note that the numbers in the video are national numbers, and our local Baltimore real estate sales can deviate largely with those national numbers. Some areas may see much higher home sales activity, while others may be on the low end. Real estate is VERY local!

For more information about selling a house in Towson or the Metro Baltimore real estate area, please contact me. I have my fingers on the pulses of the many different Baltimore real estate markets!