No, I’m NOT Thanksgiving Letter Marney.

In 2009, a site called, “Awkward Family Photos” posted a letter from a woman named Marney with explicit instructions on what family members should bring to Thanksgiving — and exactly HOW to bring them. I read the letter and laughed, because this Towson real estate agent is NOT the Thanksgiving Letter Marney.

This year, Awkward Family Photos FOUND “Marney” (And she states that Marney is NOT her real name — PHEW!) and interviewed her on camera. Here is the interview on their site. (It appears that link is now gone. But they still have the letter as of 2021!)

I believe she understands to an extent that people are poking fun at her and the letter — but isn’t letting herself get in on the joke.

I’ll tell you that we usually host Thanksgiving at our house, and everyone chips in. If we have a crazy myriad of food — great!

AND, we relax, have fun, and enjoy each others’ company.

We’ve had as many as 38 people at the house — up to nine of those kids — and there is no organization about it. And that’s the way I like it!

So YES, I am MARNEY, but NO, I am NOT the Thanksgiving Letter Marney. Though the letter still continues to crack me up!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Photo courtesy of flyingroc via Flickr CC