I checked my Google Analytics statistics on Friday and found one set that really made me laugh.

I had a number of people visit my website from searches for “Marney Thanksgiving Letter” or “Thanksgiving Letter Marney.” I had to find out what this letter was, because my first name is an unusual one, and I am always interested to learn about others with the name Marney. I also wanted to figure out what the letter said, because it was being searched fairly often, apparently.

When I found the letter on Awkward Family Photos (a site I enjoy already), I had to laugh out loud, and write a post about how I am not that Marney!

The Marney from the letter is very strict and demanding on how things are to be cooked, prepared, and brought to her house. Meanwhile, I almost forgot to order the turkey, ensure that we had side dishes, and, wait, did I mention the Adventures of this Year’s Kirk Family Thanksgiving?

I can only imagine that my husband slicing the top of his finger off and the delays it caused in food serving would have given that Marney a coronary. Meanwhile, I got out chicken nuggets for the 8 kids to eat while the 22 adults waited on turkey and ate the bread my husband had been cutting (and no, that part did not get served, gross, thank you) and cheese platter my sister-in-law was nice enough to bring.

Thanksgiving is about families coming together, and we certainly had that. I can’t imagine stressing so much over things being perfect, and the details. There are too many variables that can happen (Finger? Mom’s broken wrist, anyone?), and how can you enjoy yourself or others around you enjoy their time together if you are starting things this way?!

So I hope that you had an uneventful Thanksgiving and know that this Towson Realtor is NOT the Thanksgiving Letter Marney.

I’m RealtorMarney.