The site of the old jail in West Towson at the corner of Bosley and TowsonTown Blvd is due to have a new life — as a community pool!

Set to be open Memorial Day 2011, this would be a great addition to the Towson community.

Loni Ingraham, of the Towson Times, wrote about it the day Baltimore County voted to lease the land for $1 per year. Here are more details in her article.

The space is also set to have office space in the old Warden’s building and possibly a cafe.

Mary Gail Hare, of the Baltimore Sun, wrote an article on June 14 about how the renovations began last week on the 3 story building, which was declared a historical landmark in 1991. Azola & Associates Inc is doing the work. They are known for their renovations on historic properties, like the one they did at the Stone Mansion in Coldspring Newtown and the Bromo Seltzer Tower in downtown Baltimore.

So what does this mean for Towson Homeowners? If you are a charter member, your membership may be transferrable with the sale of your Towson home. Once the pool is opened, as discovered at the Mays Chapel Swim Club in Timonium, they sell out quickly and there is a wait list years long. Having a charter membership could possibly help your Towson House Value for resale in the future, when memberships will most likely be hard to come by!


**Please note: As of March 6, 2012, the Towson Swim Club project has been terminated. Any links to the Towson Swim Club website may no longer link correctly, and there is currently no pool scheduled to be built in West Towson.**