The West Towson Pool, called the “Towson Swim Club,” slated to open Memorial Day 2011, has pushed back its’ opening to 2012.

There were multiple obstacles causing the delay, including the Baltimore County planning and zoning, and the ravine that currently provides privacy to the Southland Hills neighborhood. The pool group wanted to build playing fields, while neighbors wanted to keep their privacy area.

Other obstacles included needing 200 more members to help fund the construction. The initial charter fee is $1,975. If members join prior to the pool’s construction, that charter membership can possibly be transferred when you sell your West Towson home.

The next obstacle for the Towson Swim Club is to obtain financing, which the club volunteer group says there are some interested banks.

The Towson Swim Club, along with the office space being built is breathing new life into the Old Towson Jail, revitalizing that corner of Bosley and Towsontown Blvd.

There are many memberships still available, if you want to join in advance. There will only be 400 memberships in total. More details and fees can be found on their site here.

Membership to the Towson Swim Club is not limited to Towson residents, so if you are interested but don’t live in the area, you may still join!


**Please note: As of March 6, 2012, the Towson Swim Club project has been terminated. Any links to the Towson Swim Club website may no longer link correctly, and there is currently no pool scheduled to be built in West Towson.**