Outdoor living trends for 2021 come from the shelter-in-place orders much of the US had for part of 2020.

COVID-19 created an environment where people spent more time at home, and looked to outdoor space for a change of scenery, and a chance to possibly entertain in a safer way than indoors.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, there was a 65% increase in interest in outdoor living projects this past year.

Here are the reported most requested features for outdoor space, per a Realtor magazine article:

  1. Year-Round Space. Fireplaces, firepits, updated seating spaces.
  2. Privacy. People are looking to shelter side yards when they are close to neighboring houses. Covered patios are also popular requests. The website Houzz shows that pergolas are gaining traction as they can be pretty easily installed and provide shade and define space.
  3. Outdoor cooking areas are a crowd-pleasing request as well.
  4. One that would depend on cost, yard size, and ability to build is a “backyard cottage.” This outdoor construction is sometimes done onsite, or ordered already built and just installed. It can be an office space, home gym, spare room, or, if there is plumbing, potentially a living space. This is a way to add space without putting on an addition to a house or moving, but you would have to find out whether you would need a permit, and what kind of permit would be needed – and whether your property would be allowed to add such a structure.

Outdoor living has become a very attractive part of home buying since March 2020.

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