This week has held a myriad of health issues in my household, all resulting in trips to Patient First at Greenspring Station off Falls Road and West Joppa Road in Lutherville.

It began with my sinus infection that was bad enough to make me go there last Sunday. I was in & out in less than an hour, prescription in hand.

Thanksgiving Eve brought my mother’s spill on my driveway, resulting in two fractured bones in her wrist, and yes, our trip to Patient First and the X-ray machine.

Thanksgiving Night, my husband sliced the tip of his finger off, creating another opportunity for a trip to Patient First. He handled it well with layers of paper towels and tape so as not to leave me with our 30 guests before heading there around 9 pm. (Thank you!)

This morning had a return trip for me, as my ears and throat were still hurting a week after going on antibiotic. A switch of medicines and I was ready to go.

From the professional courteous staff at the front desks and the caring nurses as you go back to the exam rooms, to the conscientious Doctors, I have to say, I have been impressed this past week.

I tend to go to Patient First when I need medical care on off hours — bronchitis, sinus infections & the like. My mother’s break was my first with the xray and staff working together to relieve pain and immobilize a break. I also appreciate that they didn’t like the way it was broken and referred her to an orthopedic rather than going ahead and setting it, possibly incorrectly.

There are multiple locations around the Baltimore area, so find your local one. If you are lucky enough to live in Lutherville close to the Patient First at Greenspring Station, please feel confident in your care. I was very pleased! Thank you, Patient First!