Well, our Baltimore home team isn’t doing us proud so far this season, though to be honest, we shouldn’t have expected them to be playoff caliber!

Joe Flacco has had his ups & downs. He WILL be a fantastic quarterback — this year will be a major learning experience for him. And you have to give him props for as well as he has done so far! He is smart, quick on his feet, and can read the field. He just needs to learn that he can throw the ball away and to see when defenders may jump in the path of his decent throw.

What I have been most disappointed with, actually, is our defense. We have never really had a solid offense so I have come to not expect much from them. Our defense though, should be better than that! When we were home against Tennessee, the Titans converted every third down they had. HOW could we let that happen? They marched down the field! It was ridiculous!

The very next day I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Lewis. Being a Lavender Lady has been wonderful & will certainly renew. My favorite part? I am on the front page of the photos on the BaltimoreRavens.com website! HA! As he & Chris McAllister, who was there with him, were two who actually played well, I didn’t say anything negative. These two know anyway. They know the team isn’t up to par. You can bet that Ray blasted them in the locker room. He didn’t need to hear it from a fan — especially when he was doing US a favor by being there to meet & greet & sign autographs!

What this did for me though, was realize how important a team is. Whether football or real estate, you need to have a solid base behind you in order to succeed. Right now the Ravens base is cracked a little. But I see that potential and think it will get filled with time, to create that solid foundation. Personally, I have a few people that I know are solid, and would make a great foundation for a team. These agents are newer to the business but have a thirst for knowledge, understanding, and to be the BEST they can be. I remember being that way (10 years ago, is that possible?) and want to help them to succeed — which will help me to succeed.

I am thrilled to have begun organizational meetings and structural talks. With my expertise, their ideas & energy, we shall be unbeatable.

Just like the Ravens, this will take time. It is a process, but an exciting one at that.

I look forward to sharing with you the best we can be.

And me, I’m no fairweather fan. GO RAVENS!