Yesterday’s Baltimore Ravens game against the Steelers was just amazing.

Not only was it the opening game of the season for the Baltimore Ravens, it was against our biggest rivals.

I had been nervous prior to the game, because the Steelers are a very good team. We have always had rough games against them.

So imagine when our first series of plays of the game ends in a touchdown.

And then our defense forces a turnover. And the process happens again and again and again.

Our defense forced seven turnovers in that game, and our offense was on fire.

The best I can describe it is that the entire Baltimore Ravens team was IN SYNC.

Our offensive line provided the protection Joe Flacco needed to connect time after time.

Our defense shut the Pittsburgh offense down with blocks, interceptions, and fumbles forced.


I loved the loud support and camaraderie in the stadium as we all jumped to our feet and cheered so often, were the 12th man when our defense was on the field, and celebrated such a big victory for our team and our city. It was one of the most exciting games I have been to, and I have not missed many since the Baltimore Ravens came to be in 1996.

Downtown Baltimore was definitely the place to be yesterday.

The day started with a beautiful tribute to those we lost 10 years ago on September 11th, with an American Flag covering the field, and Taps played. Many were moved as the Star Spangled Banner was sung. And the American pride was felt as our Armed Forces flew over the stadium, reminding us of the day’s meaning.

We will always remember. We will never forget.