There are many reasons why Maryland could be considered the coolest state.

Buzzfeed came up with 20.

I thought it was neat, so I thought I would share with you Buzzfeed’s 20 reasons why Maryland is the Coolest State:

1) Maryland Crabs. (And the enjoyment of eating them. It takes a long time, so it is in person social bonding. Plus, your hands are a mess, so phones aren’t an option — face to face conversation is it!)

2) Old Bay. Goes with #1. In Maryland, Old Bay Seasoning is put on many things. Corn, anyone?

3) The Ravens and The O’s. The BIRDS!

4) Us Naval Academy.

5) Current Super Bowl Champs! WOO HOO! GO RAVENS!

6) Our state sport is Jousting. (Really? I learn something new every day.)

7) Lacrosse.

8) Many historical events have happened in Maryland.

9) Francis Scott Key was born in Maryland.

10) Cal Ripken, Jr.

11) We get all four seasons.

12) Our state has metropolitan areas, but also mountains, farms, and beaches.

13) We are in the middle of the north and the south.

14) We are near Washington, DC.

15) We have a pretty neat State Flag.

16) We have Johns Hopkins, named the #1 Hospital in the US in 2013.

17) The Bay Bridge. (It is scary, but it takes you to the BEACH!)

18) Hairspray is based here. (The movie and Broadway show. Not the actual stuff that goes in your hair.)

19) Ledo Pizza is here. (You know they their pizza is square because they don’t cut corners, right?)

20) Small State but lots to do!

I feel like the list is lacking some — what about the Inner Harbor? Our parks? (Federal Hill, Assateague!) Our Art? Walters Art Museum just to name one. Our awesome Museums in general! National Aquarium, Maryland Science Center, Port Discovery. Our Colleges — Johns Hopkins, Towson, University of Maryland!

What about OCEAN CITY!?!?

What else would you add to this list of WHY MARYLAND IS THE COOLEST STATE?