Am I being recorded when viewing a house?

Potentially, yes.

The TODAY Show did a segment about people recording showings in their houses, making people aware of something they may not have been before.

This is something I have cautioned people about for a few years – that you never know if you are being recorded – either purposely or not. Especially recently, with the advent of the Ring doorbell that records everything happening on the front step. But for awhile now, baby monitors in a bedroom, nanny cams throughout, or security systems have been in place.

The issue? Buyers may say things that could potentially hurt their negotiations should they want to move forward on making an offer on a house.

Love the house? The sellers can go back and see just how much you do – and if you happened to say “I would even pay full price” yet you offer less? They would already know that you are willing to pay more than you offered on the house.

Dislike the wall colors? Carpet? If you say something negative about the house, the sellers can hear that too – and may be personally insulted and may not want to work with you at all.

In Maryland, technically, a seller should notify you that you may be recorded when you enter their home. Here is the Maryland law from an article on the website Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

To be safe, when you are viewing a home, use caution and don’t say anything while you are in or just outside the home.

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