On May 19, the Roland Park Area master plan was updated By the Greater Roland Park group.

The goal of the master plan is to reduce speeding, help with traffic flow, keep the area mostly residential, preserve the architectural beauty, all while having the area updated with newer pipes, walkways, and repair the deteriorating infrastructure.

This includes areas that are right now in question, like the Baltimore Country Club land that is no longer in use by the club, where hopefully some recreational facilities could be created. There is Stony Run Park where parking interrupts the path, so they plan to reconnect and move the parking area. The water tower is in disrepair, and they plan to fix that as well as build a park around it.

There are also plans to spruce up the shopping areas.

This is great news for the Roland Park neighborhood in Baltimore, because it should make it a more walkable, greener, even nicer place to live. I am looking forward to seeing the improvements as they happen!