Well, last night of course did not go as hoped with the Ravens’ playoff drive ending in a 23-14 loss in Pittsburgh.

The loss was marred more by the terrible injury on Willis McGahee, who was carted off the field with 3:29 left in the game. The hit was hard — the helmets crashed, and you could visibly see McGahee’s neck snap back and forth. We are still awaiting updates, but he was able to speak and move a little, which makes me hopeful that he is not paralyzed.

A few things happened after that point that 1) made me respect Pittsburgh fans a little more and 2) made me proud yet again of being a Baltimorean. As Willis was taken into the tunnel, a few Steelers fans right there yelled GOOD LUCK WILLIS one after another — which I found VERY classy and nice. In general Pittsburgh fans have not been kind to Ravens players or fans, as demonstrated by a few signs in Heinz field last night (“You’re still Cleveland to us and you still suck” anyone?), not that Baltimore fans are necessarily sweet on the yellow & black either.

But what really made my pride swell, was when I checked my Facebook friends’ statuses:

…is bummed we didn’t make it into the Superbowl but still grateful we made it as far as we did.

…is proud that the Ravens made it this far and prays Willis will be okay!

Comments: That was scary. At least we saw him moving his arms and legs.

Amen – 23 is my jersey but I’m thankful he is able to move and talk

It was a bad way to end his year. Lets pray for a quick recovery

Even my Pittsburgh fan friend:

Is psyched the STEELERS R SUPER BOWL bound, but my thoughts and prayers are with the RAVENS that Magayhee (sp) is OK…. 

And mine: Marney is praying for Willis McGahee’s health hoping he is not paralyzed, and sad yet proud of our home team.


Wait for it: The comment from my Pittsburgh fan friend: My thoughts r with ur team, my heart sunk..


Without that injury, we would have smack talked, been probably a bit nasty to each other, I know from past discussions! But I really felt this brought us more together rather than the hatred we have felt towards each others’ teams for a long time.


I loved reading the Baltimore Pride again. We made it SO FAR! Can you believe with a rookie QB, a rookie head coach, and a team of misfits who weren’t even supposed to be playoff material made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME?


AND HOW COOL that our city realizes this feat? Watch this video from WJZ where hundreds waited for the team to come home until 2:30 am — just to say THANK YOU!


We are a VERY proud city and I am so proud to be a Baltimorean when we can demonstrate that the “stuff” you see about our city does NOT define who we really are.