Towson University and its’ neighbors have always had a love-hate relationship when it comes to expansions. I remember when I lived in the Forge (as many of us affectionately call Rodgers Forge) on Stanmore Road, and our neighbors across the street had extra long yards — needed because they back to the athletic fields of the University!

Well, now, the University is planning to expand the Towson Center near Osler Drive by 5,000 seats, the Baltimore Sun reports.

In steps Senator Jim Brochin, a self proclaimed Conservative Democrat , to help the surrounding neighbors. “The community respects the school’s right to build an arena, but not on a boundary line without a reasonable buffer,” Brochin said.

Let’s hope he and the three other delegates who sent a letter about their concerns to the University can help these neighbors. “These neighbors are saying work with us, be fair and don’t build a 60-foot wall 30 feet from our boundary,” he continued.

Can you imagine a 60 foot wall in your backyard where now you have practice fields? I don’t know about you, but I think that *just might* hurt their property values….which, as we all know, are ALREADY suffering! (One year average house value change in Towson? Zillow reports DOWN 5.5% ), which though better than MOST of the country, still hurts!

So, as a Towson resident, and Towson Real Estate Agent, I will certainly be following this closely, and hoping, for my neighbors’ sakes, that this does not hurt their house values anymore than the economy already has!