The Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Examiner report that Towson University and the Rodgers Forge Community Association have reached an agreement about the location of the new arena to be built near the Forge.

I wrote about this issue on January 22, as the fear was the design and location of the new arena would affect Rodgers Forge House Values negatively, in a market that has already taken an average 5.5% hit in the past year.

The University will now construct the arena on the other side of the current stadium, so it won’t be in view of the Forge houses and they will plant tall trees as a barrier. They are doing this despite the fact that the terrain will make the construction more expensive, but realize that this is better for the community that they are an integral part of.

SO thank you, Towson University for listening and responding to your community’s needs. We Towson-ites appreciate it!