Should Baltimore Baby Boomers renovate their homes before selling?

The “boomer” question comes from a generalized, nationwide post from a real estate group called Inman.

The answer from them, as is the case for Baltimore Boomers, is, “Maybe.”

Why would renovation be a good idea?

Well, many homebuyers want to buy a home that is already done. They don’t have the time or energy to put into renovating a home. That, or their mortgage may not allow for it, or they may not have the cash to do the work.

That means a home that has been recently renovated and looks fresh, new, and inviting can potentially sell more quickly, and at a higher price.

Why would renovation NOT be a good idea?

Major renovations tend to be very expensive, and this could be cost-prohibitive for many people. That, and often, major renovations do not see a 100% return on investment.

Renovations are usually noisy, dusty, and messy. That is another thing to take into consideration when considering remodeling your Towson home to move.

Really, it depends on YOUR situation, YOUR home, and YOUR location whether renovating your Towson home to sell is a good idea.

To find out what may be best for you to sell your Towson home, please contact me. I would be pleased to be of assistance.