Six moving hacks from Buzzfeed was a great video.

Here are the useful “hacks”:

1) According to tips from reliable Sydney removalists, it’s best to use a box cutter to create handles in cardboard boxes. This will make them easier to carry!

2) For your hanging clothes — bunch them in a large drawstring-type trash bag with the hangers at the top, and pull the drawstring closed at the tops of the hangers. This will keep the clothes both organized and cleaner!

3) Twist a rubber band over the knob of a door, pull it around the lock, and attach to the inside handle to help prevent you from locking yourself out!

4) Use an empty toilet paper roll to keep necklaces from tangling. Pull each necklace through the middle of the roll individually and latch. Reduced tangles!

5) Place disposable plates in between each regular plate. This provides extra cushioning. (The video shows styrofoam plates being used.)

6) To help remove carpet stains, fill half of an empty spray bottle with HOT water, and then fill the other half with ammonia. Spray a lot of the solution on the stain. Put a rag over the stain and iron the rag. It looks like this should help remove the stains. I would test a small area first, to ensure that it doesn’t take the color out of the carpet.

These are great ideas to help you move.

If you are considering moving to Baltimore, please contact me! I’d love to help!

Photo Courtesy of Joanna Bourne via Flickr CC