Well, here we are 24 hours into the second crippling storm this week and the huge piles of snow are astounding.

I was supposed to list a great new home in Nottingham (thought of as Perry Hall or White Marsh) tomorrow, but it looks like that will be out, because the likelihood of all of us being dug out in the next 24 hours is very slim.

We have what is considered a flat roof over an addition on our house. Luckily my husband shoveled it yesterday to prevent its collapse. I have a feeling he or I will be up there tomorrow to do so again. If you have one, it is a good idea to get the heavy snow off.

We have a gas furnace, so we have been checking the carbon monoxide detector and moving it to different areas to check the levels.

The snow has gotten so high 1/2 of the back door is covered.


This is unbelievable!

I hope you are safe and warm.